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Gift to Book of Sand

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Gift to Shirktool

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Installation March 25th

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Lovely Beasts

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We never stop performing, and of course we perform best when we don’t know we’re performing.  That’s why when we’re dead we give our best performances, but sadly people have stopped looking and all the world misses the show.  Matinees for worms.

The people up-top of here look pretty sexy, don’t they?  They shouldn’t disappear.  You should strap ’em to the back of that rickety wagon with the type writer for a doorbell, drape some blinkety lights across ’em, and drag ’em around the country.  Kids and freaks will love them.

– An Imaginary Gift from Myles na gCopaleen.

Vestment of Flux and Unrest

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Vestments of Flux and Unrest 


The Vestment of Flux and Unrest is a structured garment (formed formlessness) worn – inhabited – by a single, or better, multiple ‘those-who-are-adorned’ with diverse desires. It is physically anchored, ‘docked’, or rooted in the space, place, or environment – its boundaries are indistinguishable from its surroundings. The bodies of the adorned – as if in a trance – move, dance, and sway within their vestment affecting change that ripples throughout its environment, a spell-bound attraction and repulsion. Lit from within and from without, the fabric-architecture and the bodies produce shadow play – an extension of its ephemerally shifting contours.

– An Imaginary Gift from The Book of Sand